Complete GI Endoscopy

The First Time

Aspero Medical Pillar Technology improves anchoring consistency in the

GI tract, minimizing procedure time and enabling more complete procedures on the first attempt.

Current Methods

Balloon endoscopy is the standard of care in the drive to diagnose and treat small bowel disease as it allows for visualization of the entire small intestine. It is interventional and less invasive than traditional open surgery.


Current balloon endoscopy technology is technically challenging and time-consuming. The pressure limitations necessary to prevent mucosal damage reduces anchoring force of the balloon. 


The Aspero Medical Pillar balloon overtube solution with pillar micro-textures maximizes frictional properties, improving mucosal wall traction and anchoring consistency in the gastrointestinal tract. 


Scope advancement and control for deeper access

Reduced procedure time and sedation

Diagnostic outcome for improved patient care

Patient throughput and lab profitability



The Aspero Medical Pillar™ Balloon consistently provides superior anchoring force over Latex and Silicone Balloons.

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